Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Suzanne Klotz Neo-Orientalist & Political Art ,From The Farhat Art Museum

Suzanne Klotz Neo-Orientalist & Political Art ,From The Farhat Art Museum Collection , Get Up Stand Up By Bob Marly
فن سوزان كلوتز السياسي والمناهض للصهيونية من مجموعة متحف فرحات

"....Suzanne Klotz’s socially relevant mixed media works seduce viewers with their lush surface rendering, deft puns and symbolic use of materials, yet overwhelm with their carefully researched facts and figures. Banal objects from pop culture, military culture and daily use are transformed by a keen sense of social irony to complicate their consumer-driven surface illusions and more readily locate the less visible truths lying beneath their luscious façades. These thought-provoking images reveal a vivid commentary on the events of our times, conjure a haunting vision of a world without reason, and remind us that an understanding of the past is crucial to our present and future. Her works prompt us to reexamine our values, social behaviors and morals and they reflect, in an ironic way, the misconceptions many Americans have about America’s role in global society. They demonstrate a way to continue being critical, forceful and penetrating without hatred and without marked disrespect for the religious convictions of diverse believers and non-believers alike. The exhibition seeks to create awareness and dialogue about human rights abuses, examine the impact of military invasion and occupation, and explore relationships between social and personal accountability and power..."
Dorothea Barhoni


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