Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hilda Hiary

During the Khiam Symposium of 2002 at which time "Prison Cells" was executed, Hilda Hiary proved her passion and devotion to her career as an artist. "Prison Cells" measures 200X200cm, acrylic on canvas.
The Farhat Art Museum was able to acquire five of paintings from the Khiam Symposium and one part from the Jordanian mural which was done in solidarity with the Lebanese people against the destruction from the Israeli army attacks of 2006.
In "Prison Cells" Hilda Hiary reduces the human form to their spermatozoa form symbolically depicting the prisoners as in a laboratory test tube as mere lives without souls. By placing the prisoners within the long and very narrow passageways with confining cells on either sides, Hilda allows the viewer to see and feel the degrading treatment by the Israeli soldiers against the Lebanese prisoners held within the confines of their incarceration.

Naim Farhat

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