Friday, April 1, 2011

Federico Lombardo (1970- )

Federico Lombardo Farhat Art Museum Collection

The painting by Federico Lombardo is oil on canvas. It measures 75x75 inches and is part of the F.A.M collection of Italian contemporary and modern artists. The artist in this large painting has placed himself in the background of the composition being surrounded in the foreground by five beautiful and modern models. Even though the women are part of the artist's world, they are disengaged and distanced from the artist in their presence.
When the artist was asked about the painting he said." I painted myself and my wife in the central area, that is our only picture together.
The side figures are simbolic images, guardian angels. The painting was inspired by the colors and the composition of Italian Renaissance, four hundred years ago.
The work is part of a series that ended in 2004. It is titled "The Wonderful Man", in which human composition and machines are trying to restore order that follows a dynamic, abstract and pure balance.

Federico Lombardo
Castellammare di Stabia 1970 - lives and works in Marigliano (NA)

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