Thursday, October 21, 2010

Ian Everard

Ian Everard was born in England and lives in California. Everard uses realist methods but his work is also conceptual - he makes what some people say is Photo-realism in Conceptual form. In the late 19th century, the invention of the camera presented a challenge to high society portrait artists and even what artists in general were able to do to represent reality. Cameras perfected the technology of representation in record time. Because of the invention of the camera, realist painting gave way to another important school of art, the school of Impressionism. A century later Ian Everard comes along with a challenge to the camera. What the camera or copy machine is able to capture, so can the artist, and he does this to raise questions about the images themselves. In effect, he uses painting to hold up a mirror to the photograph. His artworks reflect a deep interest in the role of photography in history and its relationship to the upheavals and traumas of conflict in human experience. This concept of conflict in history has been put on trial and judged before. Yet such lessons of the futility of war, the destruction of humanity and its civilization have never been learned.

Naim Farhat