Thursday, October 21, 2010

Solidarity with Lebanon

The 2006 Israeli attack on Lebanon was a clear violation against the Lebanese people and their human rights. With this attack towards the South of Lebanon and the Al-Dahiyah district in the south of Beirut, the Israeli army's intent was to evacuate the South of Lebanon and rid it of it's Shi'ite population. In doing so the Israeli were hoping to create yet another 1948 Palestinian Nakabah and create a great shift in the Lebanese population which would eventually annex Southern Lebanon with Israel.
. This was the George Bush's plan for the "New Middle East Map". This was Israel's second attempt since 1982. The end result being heavy civilian casualties and great destruction to Lebanon's infrastructure. Lebanese artists along with other artists from various different regions within the Middle East stood in solidarity with the Lebanese people. Within this album you will find groups of artists who put their easels within the midst of the rubble left behind by the Israeli's destruction in defiance to the violence..
Naim Farhat

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