Thursday, October 21, 2010

Suheil Baqaeen

Born in 1960 in Amman Jordan.
Suheil Baqaeen accepted the invitation from the Lebanese people to participate in the Khiam Symposium of the year 2002 as a celebration and commemorating turning point in the lives of the Southern Lebanese after twenty-two years of Isreli occupation to their land and lives.
Suhiel was among anothr forty-nine artists to participate in this historical event when the people of Lebanon wanted to turn the negative experience into a positive one through art and creativity. It is the highest form of self expression which any country can provide to it's highly esteemed artists in order to heal the deep wounds of the Israeli aggression.
When Suhiel was asked about his involvement in the symposium, he answered, "we came here to give a hundred percent of ourselves and to express in a truthful manner the severe hard reality of the Israeli presense in the south of Lebanon.
The Farhat Art Museum houses four of Al-Baqaeen paintings which were created on location at the Khiam prison and are part of the Khiam Collection.
In his abstract expressionist painting, "The Dream of Freedom" measuring 200X100cm, acrylic on canvas, Suhiel's use in his pallet of warm red, yellow and orange and his use of wide, fast brush strokes express the passionate feelings in the process of creating the composition as if he is participating in a Native American cerimonial sweat lodge event in which the use of intense heat and smoke are implemented to initiate the healing process of the accumulated twenty-two years of wounds inflicted upon thirty-six hundred incarcerated prisoners by the Israeli Army.

Naim Farhat

Monday, 06 September 2010

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